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About ZicCa FabriCs + Terms and Conditions

ZicCa FabriCs is a trademark owned by JESS Organics AB.
Here, our focus is on organic knitted fabrics, most of the range is designed by Jessica Norling and printed exclusively for ZicCa FabriCs. 

ZicCa FabriCs launched via Facebook and May 2015.

Business information
JESS Organics AB is responsible for purchases made on this website, with organization number 559314-7381 and company address Ramsta 565, 71991 Vintrosa.
For information on how we handle personal data according to the GDPR, see section 7.

Email: Info@ziccafabrics.com
Mobile: 0046730766852


1. If the fabrics sold:

We produce durable fabrics - which means durability in several respects: Sustainable work for the first cotton picker, for those who spin the thread, on to those who knit the fabric. To those who dye or print the fabric patterns, on to the shipping company that handles the delivery to our warehouse. To us who handle the finished fabrics by cutting, packing and distributing them to you - our fantastic customers. After you have received the fabric, our sustainability policy also means that the fabric you sew from will last over time. It should withstand many washes. And it should be able to be used for generations, without breaking, becoming dull and grumpy. It is our aim and our promise to you is that we work to always follow the above assumptions in the opportunity we can.

Our self-produced fabrics are manufactured in a printing company in Europe that holds a GOTS certification in its production. Both the basic fabric used and the entire production chain from the first cotton picker to the finished product are organic and follow the regulators for the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). So you can be sure that the fabrics you buy and receive are of the highest quality and manufactured in the best way for both people and the environment.

This is what our GOTS certificates look like, which are sent to us after a finished production, where you can read that the basic fabric of the fabrics and the entire production chain is GOTS. We have circled the most important boxes for an easier overview.

Note! Our company ZicCa FabriCs is NOT GOTS-certified as this means a cost that we as a small individual company unfortunately can not handle at present but we hope to be able to do this in the future and will then be able to use the GOTS logo on our own products.

All fabrics are printed exclusively for ZicCa FabriCs, this means that ZicCa FabriCs has the exclusive right to sell these fabrics within Sweden. You as an entrepreneur may NOT buy fabrics from us with the intention of reselling them at a profit (We only sell as a wholesaler abroad). On the other hand, it is okay as an entrepreneur to buy fabrics as a material in your production (eg you who sew and sell clothes!).

The majority of our fabrics are printed with Digital printing technology.
The base fabric used is 95% chalk white and then the design is digitally printed on the white base fabric.
Black background colors do not turn completely carbon black, and when washing a black or dark digitally printed fabric, some washing blur may appear. This is not a production error and not a reason for complaint, but an expected result. Small small white dots / fluff can occur on digitally printed fabrics but then on a very small scale, it would be very white dots, this is stated and the fabric is sold as 2nd grade.

Buy fabric on Whole rolls 
Our factory checks the quality of all rolls via machine and if they find errors, it is cut off before the fabric is rolled and sent to us. However, minor defects such as fine weaving defects or smaller holes can easily be missed and therefore it sometimes occurs in the rollers. ZicCa FabriCs reserves the right to in the event of a minor error, these small errors are not the soul of a complaint but may be counted as wasted when buying a half / full roll.
The rolls sold are on half roll (5m) or full roll (10m) and since the rolls are machine rolled, half roll can have anything from 4.5-5.5m and full roll everything from 9-11m. We write for example: 10m + -1m in the ads of these goods so that you as a customer are well aware that you can not count on being able to use 10m flawless fabric if the machine has counted half a meter wrong or a small hole occurs somewhere in the roll that you have to cut off. 
In cases where our factory has had to cut out defects and defects in the fabrics, this can mean that a division of the fabric comes in the middle of the roll - usually it is 10m in a continuous piece, but there can also be some division in the rolls, this is not reasons for complaint.

2. Washing instructions (unless otherwise stated in the product description!):
Wash with similar colors in 40 degrees.
Fabrics with white base fabric must NOT be washed together with single-colored / dyed fabrics! Monochrome should always be washed separately at the first wash.
Dryer EJ.
When ironing, use 1 "plupp" on the iron.
If you as a customer have not followed these washing tips, we can not accept a complaint in the event of any errors that have occurred during washing / ironing.

3. Shipping terms
FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER 1000SEK! Applies to orders within Sweden that are placed directly in our webshop. 

Smaller parcels are posted as usual Postbrev, this alternative is NOT traceable and it happens that parcels get lost in Postnord's handling, therefore we advise you to choose Postnord Traceable or DHL Servicepoint / home delivery which is both traceable and insured.

After payment is received, the goods are sent within about 2 days.
(We reserve the right to delay in cases where there are delays due to accident, illness or leave)

If you have any questions before ordering, email to:

NOTE! If you have placed an order and some of your goods are pre-booked goods, your entire order will be sent once we have received all the goods. If you want some of your goods sent before, it is best to place 2 orders, one for the goods that are at home and one for those on advance booking. Shipping is then paid for both orders. If you have the goods in the same order but still want us to send the stock goods before pre-booked goods, you can email us and we will send an update on your order with an extra shipping fee.

When booking in advance, ZicCa FabriCs reserves the right to in cases where a delay occurs, we can not guarantee the delivery time, but it is an estimated delivery time that is in the product description that is calculated based on experience from previous orders. Delays can occur at e.g. holidays, unforeseen illnesses / events and holidays.

ZicCa FabriCs reserves the right to in cases where a product has an incorrect description. ZicCa FabriCs has the right to cancel an order where the product's information or price has been incorrect or incorrect.
At the times when ZicCa FabriCs offers shipping for your order via a campaign or offer, it is up to ZicCa FabriCs to choose the choice of shipping. 


4. Returns

You have a full right of return within 30 days of purchasing the item if you have regretted your purchase.
Of course, the product must be in completely unchanged, unused and clean condition upon return. (You may only have opened the box to carefully inspect all items)
The buyer is responsible for return shipping in the event of a canceled purchase. 


If your item is defective, please contact us via email (jessica@ziccafabrics.com) with pictures of the error / errors. If we consider the errors to be caused by us or are a production error, we will send a return shipping note to you and send you a new item as soon as the return has been received by us. Should we not have a similar one left in stock and we do not agree on a replacement item, the full amount will be refunded to you.

If we can not assess the complaint matter based on your picture, we may ask you to send the product to us for further review before we make a decision on whether we can approve the complaint or not.
If the complaint should not be approved, the product will be sent out to you again together with an invoice for all shipping fees.

 5. NOT picked up packages

If your package has been returned to us after it has been waiting to be picked up at your agent for 14 days, you as a customer must pay another shipping fee and in addition there is an administrative fee of SEK 60 for uncollected packages. This invoice will be sent to you after we have received the return and the package will not be sent again until the invoice has been paid.



Payments with Swish:

To pay for your order with Swish: Select the payment method "Swish" at checkout and then pay in via Swish Nr: 123 32 89 808.
Orders placed with Swish as payment method must be paid within 24 hours, otherwise your order will be canceled.

NOTE! Sometimes the email does not arrive as it should, if you do not receive an email after your purchase, you can always log in to your account at ziccafabrics.com and see your orders (If you have created a customer account). It is also possible to email any questions to info@ziccafabrics.com Sometimes the email ends up in the spam, so check there.

7.  Personal data and GDPR 
We process personal data in accordance with the GDPR. In connection with your purchase, you agree that we store and handle your personal information. We store the information that is necessary to fulfill the agreement with you and to be able to conduct our business. According to the GDPR, you have the right to access the information we have registered about you. If the information we store about you is irrelevant, incorrect or incomplete, you can request that the information be corrected, limited or deleted, which we do to the extent possible under applicable law (such as the Accounting Act when we must save relevant information about your purchase for at least 7 years).

We are responsible for personal data for the data collected and have entered into personal data assistant agreements with our subcontractors. Below you can see which subcontractors we use and for what purpose we use these.

We use the following subcontractors to conduct our business.




Binero / Websupport


We use Binero to handle support matters. The personal information that you send to us by e-mail is therefore sent to Binero. We store emails for up to 3 years.


Email sending for marketing purposes

We use Mailchimp to send out emails for marketing purposes. If you agree to receive email from us for marketing purposes, your information (name, email, telephone number, address) will be stored in our Mailchimp database and you will receive emails with offers from us. If you choose not to approve email mailings for marketing purposes, Omnisend will not store your information and no email for marketing purposes will be sent.


Shipping company

We use DHL Freight and POSTNORD as our 2 primary shipping companies. To be able to handle and send your order, this information is stored in our database at DHL / POSTNORD: Name, Address, telephone number and email.


App email

We use a marketing app called Kit. The app helps us to send you emails after you have placed your first or second order with information on how you can contact us in case of any problems with your order.

Mondido Payments

Payment service

We use Mondido Payments for handling payments, refunds and for payment-related support issues. The information you provide when ordering and payment: name, card details, social security number, telephone number, e-mail address and address are sent encrypted to Mondido Payments.

Klarna Payments

Payment service

We use Klarna for handling payments, refunds and for payment-related support issues. The information you enter when ordering and paying: name, card details, social security number, telephone number, e-mail address and address are sent encrypted to Klarna.



Marketing service

We use Adroll / Nextroll to send out advertising via social media and on the web for marketing purposes. If you when browsing our site agree that Cookies are collected by Adroll / Nextroll, you will receive marketing campaigns when you surf around from us.



The purchase at klarna will be activated in advance as our policy is to only offer direct payments in our web shop.
However, Klarna is a small compromise as you have a certain payment deadline postponed by Klarna (at least 14 days) from having shopped.
The activation of the Klarna invoice takes place within 30 days of placing the order, so there is a chance that you will have time to get your fabric home, but this is not always a guarantee.


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