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Craft tips! Make your own wax cloths from thin cotton poplin or sheets.

Posted by Jessica Norling on

Here is a fun, simple, environmentally smart and really useful craft tip!

Homemade, environmentally smart "plastic foil" of pieces of fabric, such as old, thin sheets or other thin fabric you have at home in hiding, as well as organic beeswax. Note! If you use new fabric, wash it first so that you get rid of any toxins, you do not want to wrap food in unwashed fabrics.

Step 1. Cut out pieces of about 30x40cm (I made a little too big in the pictures so had to fold it on the plate, worked ok but would have been easier if it could lie smooth in the song).

Step 2. Overlock all edges.

Step 3. Place flat in a plate and sprinkle over the beeswax sprinkle (Mitt is bought at Guess it goes about 30-40 grams per cloth).


Step 4. Put in oven at 100 degrees for 5-10min until the beeswax melts into the fabric, use a brush to distribute the beeswax evenly.

Step 5. Lift in the corners and lay flat to dry on a soft surface (gets a little sticky from the melted beeswax)

Step 6. Ready to be used to wrap food in the fridge, such as around the Christmas ham, over the janssons-form or as I did in the picture - around the Christmas cheese;)

I am completely sold on these! They are wonderful to use, they get quite "stiff, hard" from the beeswax, but from the heat from your hands, they form around the object you wrap and "cling". Really perfect! 

When you have used the beeswax cloth, wash it clean with a soft brush in lukewarm water and detergent.

A big good luck! And I hope you appreciated the craft tip <3
Jessica Elisabeth Norling
ZicCa FabriCs

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