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Babblarna - Playful fabrics by the meter, panels and cut & sew kits!

Here you will find all our fabrics with Babblarna.
These fabrics are licensed fabrics produced by and exclusively for JESS Organics AB & / or Pysselnabon AB.

What does license fabric mean?
The fact that the fabric is licensed means that you can only buy it with the intention of sewing the fabric for private use. This means that you are not allowed to sew in the fabric and then sell the garment.
Gifts for friends, family, etc. is Ok.
Who are Babblarna?
Babblarna are a colorful bunch who have taken Sweden by storm, but they are more than a bunch of fun cuties… They can really help children in their early language development! In the play in the world of Babblarna, when the children listen and imitate Babblarna, the children's own language develops. The Babblarna books are recommended for children 0-5 years, the music and movies are recommended from 1 year. Babblarna is an all-Swedish concept from Hatten Förlag.
You can read more on Babblarna's own website

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