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WHOLE ROLL Black Cotton jersey eco


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Fabric specifications:

Black Jersey - 95% Eco cotton 5% elastane, Weight 220gr / m2, Width ~ 160cm.
Manufactured according to GOTS regulations in the factory. Both fabric and dyeing!

10m per roll *

 Note! The price of cotton has increased by 100%, therefore our purchase prices have gone up. The price for a whole roll is therefore now a little higher than it was before. Thanks for understanding.

* Please note that when you buy an entire roll, we can not guarantee that it will come in a single long piece of exactly 10m. When the fabrics are rolled in the factory, they are checked for any defects, if a hole, tear or other defect is discovered, these are cut off and then they continue to roll on the same roll, there may therefore be divisions in the rolls. 
The rolls are machine rolled so it can also differ a little in the amount you get, 10m can be anything between about 9.5-10.5m.

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