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Sewingthread Bobbin - Stool / side table with storage

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Now we present a great NEW to you ---> THREAD ROLL! A piece of furniture with several uses.

The furniture can be used as a stool in the sewing room, in the play corner or as an extra chair, it also works very well as a side table next to the sofa.

Fill it with your favorite crafts - such as crossword puzzles, yarns and knitting needles (the yarn can run through the hole in the lid and thus the yarn is still inside the furniture), or as storage for your favorite magazines and more.

The product is made by hand here in Örebro. We have hired a skilled furniture carpenter who manufactures the furniture. It is in untreated pine at the top and bottom. Inside the lid is an MDF board and the tube consists of strong Swedish cardboard.

As a seat, it can withstand a maximum load of 100kg (certainly more but not tested for that). THE THREAD ROLLER is very stable and sturdy in construction. But with the cardboard tube in the middle part, the furniture is not too heavy but easy to lift and move.

The fabric we used to dress the furniture with is the wonderful Ottoman knitted ECOVERO Viscose which is ribbed and will mimic the thread on the sewing thread roll. ECOVERO Viscose is a fiber from trees that is more durable than other Viscose.
The fabric is removable and washable in 40 degrees. If you want more colors, you can buy separate covers HERE.

This is an order item where you as a customer can choose with or without surface treatment and color. The surface treatment you can get is white wax which gives the wood an illuminated look that also protects it from moisture and dirt.
Delivery time right now: 1-2 weeks.

You are very welcome to order your own WIRE ROLLER 🧵

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