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•Pyssel-tips!• Knut din egna macramé-ampel!

• Craft tips! • Knot your own macramé lamp!

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Tips for a super simple and fun tip if you do not have time to sew but still want to create some of your sewing materials 🖤👏🏻 


Material consumption

You need:

• A scissor

• about 6 meters a little heavier string (5-10mm) (we have used Hoodies string of 100% organic cotton in this tutorial.)

• A ring in wood (or eg curtain rod ring)


How to use!

Step 1: Divide the string into 3 equal parts and fold them in half. Thread the string where it is folded through the ring as the picture shows.

Step 2: Guide all snow ends through the loop and tie around the ring as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Divide the strings 2 & 2 and make knots approximately in the middle (or as far down as you want the pot but remember to leave some space below for more knots)

Step 4: Take a string from each knot and tie a piece down (longer intervals are required for a larger pot), do this all the way around so that you create a roundel.

Step 5: Gather all the strings and tie another piece down, then cut clean at the bottom so that all the ends of the strings are the same length. Here you can then choose whether you want to fringe the strings and create a "tassel" or leave them separated.

Step 6: Put a nice pot inside the knots.

Now your macramé lamp is ready to use! 🌱🌸


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